Purpose:  Inspired by Baptist Health South Florida’s mission to improve the health and well-being of individuals, the mission of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program is to provide continuing education to doctors and allied healthcare professionals that will improve competence and/or performance in order to improve patient care, safety and treatment outcomes. This will be accomplished through organized educational activities that focus on both existing and new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities as well as disease prevention.


Content Areas:  Activities sponsored by the CME Program are consistent with Baptist Health’s mission. They include topics where the greatest need and interest have been identified in the fields of medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, pediatrics and psychology as well as topics that meet the requirements of Florida professional regulatory agencies and the Joint Commission.


Target Audience:  The CME Program conference topics are based primarily on needs of the Baptist Health hospitals' medical staffs; however, the target audience includes the local, regional and national medical communities in certain specialized fields of medicine consistent with our centers of excellence, and may include other health professionals who could benefit from continuing education activities designed for physicians.


Type of Activities:  CME activities follow various formats depending on the goals of the activity and the characteristics of the target audience. They include such formats as lectures with discussion, case reviews, hands-on training, live case demonstrations, visiting fellowships, self-directed learning and enduring materials. Baptist Health will jointly sponsor CME activities on a limited and selective basis on topics consistent with the Baptist Health mission.


Expected Results: The Baptist Health Continuing Medical Education Department expects to improve patient care, safety and treatment outcomes by providing independent, evidence-based activities designed to improve competency and/or performance. The effectiveness and efficiency of the CME Program are continuously evaluated utilizing individual activity evaluations to measure competence; post-conference evaluations and follow-up surveys may also be used to measure performance. Where appropriate and feasible, process improvement data are reviewed to assess the potential impact of CME on improving patient care, safety and treatment outcomes.