International Patient Safety Symposium - Baptist Health South Florida
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Baptist Health Patient Safety Symposium
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Since embarking on its journey in 2003 to improve patient safety and quality, Baptist Health has taken a leadership role in creating a culture of quality in which our patients' safety comes first, above all else. We've made quality and patient safety part of our mission, and are committed to funding the people and technology needed to improve patient safety.


The Quality and Patient Safety Steering Council, established in 2007 is made

up of executives, physicians, clinical staff and members of the community, guides our efforts to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety.
The success of our initiatives, including being one of 17 founding partners in the National Patient Safety Foundation’s “Stand Up for Patient Safety” campaign, positions Baptist Health as a leader in patient safety, quality care and patient- and family- centeredness.

We began our education initiatives in 2006 with our Patient Safety Seminars.  With our International Patient Safety Symposium, we will enhance our already strong patient safety program and continue our focus to promote transparency and the tools needed to better protect patients and their families. This biennial event will focus on communication to improve efficiency, patient safety and patient care.   It will be an opportunity for Baptist Health employees to learn from and exchange ideas with patient safety experts.

Who Should Attend
Attracting Baptist Health leaders and clinicians from the executive suite to the front lines of care, from policy
to practice, the Patient Safety Symposium is designed to respond directly to today’s most crucial patient safety, quality and process improvement issues, providing innovative and practical content and tools to Baptist Health Employees – all in a motivational and productive setting.

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