A CME expert Symposium for diagnosis and treatment of patients presenting with neurologic disorders and emergencies
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Miami Neuro Symposium
Sixth Annual
November 30-December 2, 2017
The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida

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This symposium will focus on best-practice patient outcomes in neuro-oncology, as well as stroke management, neurocritical care and neuro-imaging. In addition to the dynamic faculty presenting  at the symposium, provocative cases will be presented along with cutting-edge, technologically advanced therapies and exciting research. Experts will concentrate on brain/spine tumors, medical and surgical management, Gamma Knife, state-of-the-art research, neurological complications of radiation, neuropathy, seizures, intra-operative MRI, quality of life, pain management, managing anticoagulation in patients with tumors, sinus thrombosis, uncommon causes of stroke and neuro ICU management.

Who Should Attend



   Stroke Neurologists


   Diagnostic Radiologists
   Neuro Oncologists 


   Critical Care Physicians



  Emergency Medicine


  Internal Medicine Physicians

  Interventional Neuroradiologists
  Family Physicians
  General Internists
  Critical Care Nurses

  Neurosurgery Nurses 



  Nurse Practitioners

  Physical Therapists

  Physician Assistants 

  Respiratory Therapists 


  Radiology Technicians